Radio Terminal Set, AN/TRC-35

JAN Type: AN/TRC-35
Nomenclature: Radio Terminal Set
Reference: TM 11-5820-287-XX
NSN: 5820-00-503-2578
Components: 2 ea OA-1387/GRC Radio Set Groups, OA-1676/GRC Power Accessories Group, OA-1675/GRC Generator Set Group, OA-1389/GRC Antenna Group, 2 ea OA-1398/GRC Antenna Accessories Group, 2 ea OA-1392/GRC Amplifier Group, OA-1393/GRC Antenna-Filter Group, 2 ea OA-1394/GRC Amplifier Group, OA-1395/GRC Antenna-Filter Group, TRA-25 Radio Set Group
Mode: Band B: 400F9, C: 600F9, F: 750F9
Frequency Range: Band B: 100-225, C: 225-400, F: 790-965 MHz
Power Input: 115 VAC 50-60 Hz
Power Output: 10-120 W
Number of Channels: Band B: 250, D: 175, F: 500
Channel Spacing: Band B/F: 0.5, D: 1.0 MHz
Part of: TRC-35
Description: The TRC-35 Radio Terminal Set provides all the equipment needed to terminate an FDM signal on band B, 100-225, band D, 400-600, and band F, 790-965 MHz.00
Source: TM 11-5820-287-10, 3 Sep 60
Created: Wed Jul 12 19:24:04 2000
Last Modified: Wed Jul 12 19:24:04 2000

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