Radio Transmitter, T-631/GRC-14

JAN Type: T-631/GRC-14
Nomenclature: Radio Transmitter
Reference: NAVSHIP 92911(A)
Weight: 157 Lbs
Size: 13-3/4 x 29 x 17-1/2
Mode: 0.1A1, 2A2, 6A3, 1.1F1
Frequency Range: 2.0-30.0 MHz
Power Input: PP-1711/GRC-14 Supplies +1100 VDC, +250 VDC, +312 VDC, -105 VDC, +26.5 VDC
Power Output: 100 W
Number of Channels: 280000
Channel Spacing: 100 HZ
Remote Control: OA-1444
Part of: GRC-14
Description: Radio Transmitter T-631/GRC-14 is the transmitter of Radio Set AN/GRC-14. It operates in the frequency range of 2- 30 MHz, covered in four bands. Transmission facilities for cw, phone, fsk and simultaneous fsk and phone. The transmitter has an automatic frequency control feature which incorporates two frequency generating sources. Output from the continously tunable vfo is compared with the output from the reference oscillator. Variations of frequency in the vfo are corrected by the reference oscillator. The rf amplifier portion of the amplifier-modulator and the rf tuner incorporate automatic tuning features.
Source: NAVSHIPS 92911(A) [W6GER]
Manufacturer: Federal Telephone and Radio
Tube Lineup: 5687, 5814A, 12AT7, 5654, 5735, 5751, 6AH6, 6005, 4X250F, 12BA6
Contract Year Manufacturer Quantity
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NObsr-71017 ???? Federal Tel & Radio ???
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