Radio Transmitter, T-17/ARC-5

JAN Type: T-17/ARC-5
Nomenclature: Radio Transmitter
Reference: AN 08-10-195, NAVAER 08-5Q-95
Components: T-17/ARC-5 Radio Transmitter, MT-68/ARC-5 Mounting Base (1 transmitter) or MT-70/ARC-5 Mounting Base (2 transmitters) or MT-72/ARC-5 Mounting Base (3 transmitters) or MT-74/ARC-5 Mounting Base (4 transmitters).
Weight: 9.0 Lbs
Size: 12-3/4 x 5-1/4 x 7-1/16
Mode: 0.1A1, 2A2, 6A3
Frequency Range: 1.3-2.1 MHz
Power Input: 28 VDC
Power Output: CW: 40 W, AM: 20 W
Number of Channels: Single Channel VFO Controlled
Channel Spacing: Continuous
Part of: ARC-5
Description: The T-17 is the 1.3-2.1 MHz Transmitter for the ARC-5 Radio Set. This equipment differs from the SCR-274N equipment in the use of of plate modulation in the transmitters. Features ganged master oscillator and power amplifier circuits; plate and screen modulation permits tuning for maximum A3 output; frequency check by magic eye; check of lock tune by crystal resonator.
Source: TM 11-487A, 57
Manufacturer: Aircraft Radio Corporation
Created: Mon Jul 17 19:29:10 2000
Last Modified: Thu Mar 29 10:01:42 2001

Microphone, T-17

JAN Type: T-17
Nomenclature: Microphone
NSN: 5965-00-128-2512
Weight: 2
Description: The T-17(*) is a low-impedance (30-90 ohms) single-button carbon microphone. It is used with many airborne and ground radios.
Source: TM 11-5820-202-10, 7 Jan 59
Created: Tue Aug 8 20:37:54 2000
Last Modified: Tue Aug 8 20:37:54 2000

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