Radio Receiver, R-174/URR

JAN Type: R-174/URR
Nomenclature: Radio Receiver
Reference: TM 11-295
Weight: 18.9 Lbs
Size: 9-3/4 x 13-1/4 x 6-1/2
Mode: 6A3, 2A2, 0.1A1
Frequency Range: 1.5 - 18.0 MHz
Power Input: Requires 1.4 VDC @ 0.45 A and 90 VDC @ 27 mA from PP-308 or BA-48
Number of Channels: Continuous Tuning in 4 Bands
Part of: GRR-5
Description: Radio Receiver R-174/URR is the main component of Radio Set GRR-5. It is a low power radio receiver.
Source: TM 11-487A, 58
Manufacturer: Emerson Radio, Motorola or Zenith.
Contract Year Manufacturer Quantity
------------------- ---- ----------------- --------
3154-P-51-01 1951 Emerson Radio & Phono ???
15166-P-52-01 1952 Motorola, Inc. ???
15165-P-52-13 1952 Zenith Radio Corp. ???
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