Radio Terminal Set, AN/MRC-68A

JAN Type: AN/MRC-68A
Nomenclature: Radio Terminal Set
Reference: TM 11-5820-505-15
NSN: 5820-00-943-6507
Components: S-304/MRC-68A Electrical equipment Shelter (modified S-144/G), 3 ea GRC-10 Radio Sets, 2 ea TCC-3, 8 ea TA-182/U Telegraph-Telephone Signal Converters, 4 ea F-98/U Filter Assembly, 2 ea TA-312/PT Telephone Set, PU-332/G Generator Set.
Weight: 1750
Mode: 60F9 or 80F9
Frequency Range: 54.0-70.9 MHz
Power Input: 115 VAC 50-60 Hz, 2980 W
Power Output: 10/40 W
Number of Channels: Continuous
Part of: MRC-68A
Description: The MRC-68A is a Radio Terminal Set providing 8 telephone channels of which 4 circuits may be speech-plus-duplex for an airborne division. The three radio sets (GRC-10) and two telephone carrier terminals (TCC-3) provided can be used either as radio relay or as carrier terminal units. The telephone signal converters (one TA-182 per channel and one spare) and the band suppression filters (four F-98) are used for speech-plus half-duplex service on the carrier channels. Mounted in a 3/4 ton truck - M37.
Source: FM 24-24, 20 May 77 & Special Text 11-154-3, 1 Feb 70
Created: Wed Jul 12 19:24:04 2000
Last Modified: Sat Nov 25 12:38:44 2000

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