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Tubes with charateristics: Sharp-Cutoff Pentode
1AD4 1AD5 1AF4 1AK4 1B4 1B4P
1E5GP 1L4 1LC5 1LN5 1N5G 1N5GT
1U4 1W5 2E31 2E32 2EA5 3AU6
3BC5 3CB6 3CE5 3CF6 3DK6 3DT6
3DT6A 3E6 3EA5 3EJ7 3HM6 3JC6
3JC6A 3JD6 4AU6 4BC5 4CB6 4CE5
4CF6 4DE6 4DK6 4DT6 4DT6A 4EJ7
4EW6 4HM6 4JC6 4JC6A 4JD6 4JK6
5EW6 5GX6 5HZ6 5JK6 6AB7 6AC7
6AJ5 6AK5 6AM6 6AS6 6AU6 6AU6A
6AU6W 6AU6WA 6BA5 6BC5 6BH6 6C6
6CB6 6CB6A 6CE5 6CF6 6D7 6DB6
6DE6 6DK6 6DT6 6DT6A 6EJ7 6EW6
6GX6 6GY6 6HM6 6HS6 6HZ6 6J7
6J7G 6J7GT 6JC6 6JC6A 6JD6 6JG5
6JK6 6KY6 6SH7 6SH7GT 6SJ7 6SJ7GT
6SJ7Y 6W7G 7AG7 7AH7 7AJ7 7AK7
7C7 7G7 7KY6 7KZ6 7L7 7T7
7V7 7W7 8LS6 9KX6 9LA6 11HM7
12AU6 12AW6 12BL6 12BV7 12BY7 12BY7A
12CX6 12DK6 12DT6 12GN7A 12HG7 12HL7
12J7G 12J7GT 12SJ7 12SJ7GT 14C7 15
57 57A 57AS 57S 77 257
404 404A 951 959 1232 1603
1620 1852 1853 5591 5636 5654
5693 5840 5847 5847A 5875 5879
5901 5905 5906 5910 6028 6059
6064 6065 6096 6134 6136 6145
6186 6186W 6187 6205 6223 6245
6265 6281 6485 6540 6582 6582A
6661 6676 6688 6688A 6788 6943
7700 8425A 8426A 9001 EF184 EF91
EF95 LF184 VT-112 VT-116 VT-116A VT-116B
VT-146 VT-162 VT-170 VT-176 VT-179 VT-193
VT-91 VT-91A XF184

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This database contains data on thousands of tubes. Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of this reference, however, I assume no liability for the results of using information contained herein.

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