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Tubes with charateristics: Half-Wave Rectifier
1 1AJ2 1AU2 1AU3 1AX2 1AY2
1AY2A 1B3GT 1BC2 1BC2A 1BC2B 1BH2
1BH2A 1BK2 1BL2 1BV2 1BX2 1BY2
1DG3 1DG3A 1G3GT 1G3GTA 1H2 1J3
1K3 1N2 1N2A 1S2 1S2A 1V
1V2 1X2 1X2A 1X2B 1X2C 1Y2
1Z2 2AH2 2AS2 2AS2A 2AV2 2AZ2
2B25 2B3 2BA2 2BJ2 2BJ2A 2BU2
2CN3 2CN3A 2CN3B 2J2 2L2 2V2
2V3G 2W3 2W3GT 2Y2 2Z2 3A2
3A2A 3A3 3A3A 3A3B 3A3C 3AT2
3AT2A 3AT2B 3AW2 3AW2A 3AW3 3B2
3B24 3B28 3BF2 3BL2 3BL2A 3BM2
3BM2A 3BN2 3BN2A 3BS2 3BS2A 3BS2B
3BT2 3BT2A 3BW2 3CA3 3CA3A 3CN3
3CN3A 3CN3B 3CU3 3CU3A 3CV3 3CV3A
3CX3 3CY3 3CZ3 3CZ3A 3DA3 3DB3
3DC3 3DF3 3DF3A 3DH3 3DJ3 3DR3
3DS3 6AL3 6AS4 6AU4GTA 6AX3 6AX4GT
6BH3A 6BJ3 6BL4 6BR3 6BW3 6BZ3
6CD3 6CE3 6CG3 6CH3 6CJ3 6CK3
6CL3 6CM3 6CQ4 6DA4 6DA4A 6DE4
6DK3 6DN3 6DQ3 6DQ3A 6DQ4 6DT3
6DT4 6DW4 6DW4A 6DW4B 6M3 6R3
6RK19 6U4GT 6V3 6V3A 6W4GT 6W4GTA
6Y3G 6Z3 12AX3 12AX4GT 12AX4GTA 12AX4GTB
12AY3 12BY3 12CK3 12CL3 12D4 12DQ4
12Z3 14Z3 17AX3 17AX4GTA 17AY3A 17BH3
17BR3 17H3 17RK19 19AU4 19CG3 19DQ3
25CG3 25W4 25W4GT 25Y4 25Z3 25Z4
34CE3 35W4 35Y4 35Z3 35Z4GT 35Z5G
35Z5GT 36AM3 45Z3 45Z5 45Z5GT 50DC4
81 81M 96 117Z3 117Z4 117Z4GT
216 281 816 836 866 866A
866AX 866B 866JR 872 872A 1616
5641 5642 5785 5825 5995 6215
6763 8016 AD D1/2 DY87 EY88
G-84 HZ50 KR1 KR31 RE2 UX-281
VT-216 VT-236 VT-42 VT-42A VT-46 VT-46A

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If you are uncertain about the EIA designator for a particular tube please use the "Index" button to list all the tubes in the database. You can click on the designator for the closest tube.

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This database contains data on thousands of tubes. Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of this reference, however, I assume no liability for the results of using information contained herein.

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