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Tubes with charateristics: Beam Power Pentode
1Q5G 1Q5GT 1T5GT 2E24 2E25 2E26
2E30 2HR5 3B4 3E5 3LE4 3LF4
3Q5G 3Q5GT 4CX300A 4D22 4D32 4E27
4E27A 5-125B 5AQ5 5CM6 6AN5 6AQ5
6AQ5A 6AQ5W 6AS5 6BD5GT 6BF5 6BK5
6CA5 6CM6 6CS5 6DG6GT 6EM5 6EX6
6EY6 6FE5 6FH6 6FW5 6GC6 6GF5
6GJ5 6GJ5A 6GM5 6GT5 6GT5A 6GV5
6GY5 6HB5 6HD5 6HE5 6HF5 6HG5
6HR5 6JA5 6JB6 6JB6A 6JC5 6JE6
6JE6A 6JE6B 6JE6C 6JF6 6JG6 6JG6A
6JM6 6JM6A 6JS6 6JS6A 6JS6B 6JS6C
6JT6 6JT6A 6JU6 6JZ6 6KE6 6KM6
6KN6 6KV6 6L6 6L6GB 6L6GC 6L6WGB
6LB6 6LF6 6LG6 6LQ6 6LV6 6LW6
6LX6 6MB6 6MC6 6MH6 6V5GT 6V6
6V6GTA 6Y6 6Y6G 6Y6GA 6Y6GT 7EY6
8BQ5 8EM5 9EF6 12A6 12A6GT 12BQ6GTA
12BQ6GTB 12CA5 12CS5 12CU5 12DB5 12GJ5
12GJ5A 12GT5 12GT5A 12JB6A 12JT6 12JT6A
12V6GT 14C5 16GY5 17GJ5A 17JB6A 17JF6
17JG6A 17JM6A 17JT6A 20LF6 21GY5 22JF6
22JG6A 22JU6 22KM6 23JS6A 24JE6C 24LQ6
25BQ6GTB 25F5 30KD6 31JS6C 31LQ6 32ET5
36KD6 803 813 814 837 1613
1624 1631 1632 4604 5686 5763
5871 5902 6005 6095 6146 6146A
6146B 6146W 6159 6159A 6159B 6159W
6195 6224 6287 6384 6417 6552
6669 6883 6883A 6883B 6893 7027
7027A 7094 7212 7213 7357 7580
7581 7581A 7695 7701 7754 7842
7843 7844 7905 8001 8032 8032A
8278 8298 8298A 8552 EL500 EL503
HK257 HK257B HY6V6GTX LL500 PL-172 PL-177A
PL500 PL-6549 PL-8295 RK44 VT-101 VT-106
VT-115 VT-115A VT-134 VT-144 VT-154 VT-165
VT-221 XL500

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If you are uncertain about the EIA designator for a particular tube please use the "Index" button to list all the tubes in the database. You can click on the designator for the closest tube.

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This database contains data on thousands of tubes. Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of this reference, however, I assume no liability for the results of using information contained herein.

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