CP/M-80 Operating System Software

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CP/M-80 Version 2.2 was developed in the late 70's by Gary Kildall. It was one of the first Operating Systems developed for the 8080 microprocessor. It provided the API's and tools to develop software for the 8080.

I was most familiar with CP/M-80 and had complete source code with some modifications I liked. I had found some problems and bugs that developed over the years in my source code for CP/M-80. I chose to go back to the original MOVCPM from my JadeDD source disk to get fresh copies of CCP and BDOS. Here are the clean copies of the source code and listing files:

I had developed many BIOSs for this CP/M-80. I modified a version for my original S-100 system to work on the System 80/10. I use the iSBC 208 driver in the Monitor ROM for the disk primitives. I usually don't like to have the BIOS depend on anything in the Monitor other than, possibly, the console routines. Here is a copy of the BIOS source code and listing files:

I modified the Command Console Processor (CCP) in serveral ways:
1) Displays the user number in the CP/M-80 prompt.
2) Added a "MON" command to return to the Monitor.
3) Added a "DIRS" command to only display system programs.
4) Removed all the Serial Number checks.
5) Removed the "USER" command - Now enter "A6[cr]" to change to user 6.
Here are the clean copies of the source code and listing files:
These modifications can be enabled or disabled during the assembly with conditional assembly flags.

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Last updated: 18 Jun 2015