Intel ISIS-II Software

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This is a new page containing Intel ISIS-II Software material in a more organized format. These 7Z archives contain the Disk Images as IMG and IMD (if available). They also contain a Files.7Z archive containing the extracted files from the IMG file. A Label.txt may be included with the label information from the original Disk Label.

Operating Systems

These files contain the full operating systems disks.

ISIS-II Operating System V4.0[1979].
ISIS-II Operating System V4.1[1979] with 8080/85 Macro Assembler, V4.0.
ISIS-II Operating System V4.2[1981].
ISIS-II Operating System V4.3[1982].
ISIS-II Operating System V4.2(W)[1981].
ISIS-II Operating System V4.3(W)[1982].

Programming Languages

ISIS-II 8080/85 Macro Assembler, V4.1 [1981].
ISIS-II Fortran-80 Compiler and Run-Time Libraries, V2.0 [1980].
ISIS-II PLM-86 Compiler and Run-Time Libraries, V2.1 [1978].


ISIS-II Software Toolbox, V1.0 [????].
ISIS-II MMX Software for 8080/85, 8086, and 8088, V1.0 [????].

Confidence Tests

ISIS-II MDS Series II Confidence Tests, V2.0 [1980].
ISIS-II MDS Series III Confidence Tests, V1.0 [1982].

Intel System Debug Monitors (iSDM), V3.2

ISIS-II iSDM, V3.2 [198?].

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Last updated: 11 March 2017