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Note: I do not buy or sell tubes or military radio equipment except for my own personal use. Do not query me on price or availability, as I won't answer those emails.

I do not want anyone to use an automated tool to pull down my pages. My DSL link is small, and you stop other users. Currently banned IPS are:

This server virtual machine has been moved to the new Dell 1950 machine. This machine has 2 quadcore 2.4 GHz processors, 16 GB of RAM and 2.5 TB of disk space.

This is one of three WEB servers providing access to this material:

This is the homepage for the original Web Mil List and Online Tube Manual. Both were available on the InterNet in 1995. Others have cloned some of this work, but not the CGI generated dynamic pages from the new MilList and Tube databases.

The MilList is drawn from the original MilList (1800 entries) and added information from Field Manuals, Training Manuals and Training Circulars.

The Tube Manual is a compilation of many sources, public and commercial.

Bill Beech, NJ7P, May, 2013.

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